A mission of this Church Of Cognizance Cultural Information Center, and the Enlightened Cogniscenti of the COC, beyond simply touting our religious beliefs and providing information about the COC, we hope to provide a little "food for thought"!

It is obvious we live in an age of increasing violence on all the streets, of nearly all civilized nations. We offer a unique insight toward ending this reign of terror. We believe that through education of the true fact's, analyzing not the result's but going to the cause, we will someday move back toward the more peaceful societies we once enjoyed.

Main stream media suggest that the violence we experience today is a result of "drug" usage, then make reference to marijuana. Billions of dollars are spent each year on a war against billions of individuals that for what ever reason use "marijuana". A valid question is whether it is the use of "marijuana" that causes violence, or is it the protection of the huge profits generated by Black Markets? Does "marijuana" cause violence? How long has the "marijuana" utilizing culture been around? Is there a past history of "marijuana" causing violence? Does history hold an answer to the cause of violence? These are a few of the questions that will likely be explored in our mission to enlighten the world about a cause of violence seldom perceived!

History shows one cause of violence comes from a lack of understanding or toleration of cultures foreign to our own. This leads to a lack of compassion for those of such foreign cultures.

Is it possible, or even desirable, to make all walk the same path, think the same thoughts, worship the same Icons? Do we really want a society wherein a few do the thinking for all? Where's the freedom of thought, the freedom of expression? Where will the creativity come from when all get their answers from one mind, one way of thinking, exploring only one path? What if it's the wrong path? We all go down together!

Today there truly is only one culture that has so little exposure, regarding truth, of what their lifestyle is all about. Governments do not suppress information about mainstream Christian belief's, or Jewish, or Islamic, or Mormon, or Poor people or any other group of people that associate with one another to share in cultural traditions.

Only the people society has labeled the "drug culture" must fear for their life, and their prosperity, as a result of cultural lifestyle they have chosen. All governments under the UN have banned together to persecute this single section of society; world-wide. Not for crimes against others, but for refusing to give up what they themselves believe and live.

Is it really so bad that people come together, with others of like beliefs, to peacefully share in their common ethos?

We hope this site will provide useful information to enlighten others of various aspects of the marijuana utilizing culture; and why we would subject ourselves to such harsh penalties just to live our life the way we want; instead of the way government, manipulated by the most powerful culture, would force all to live.

It's a big mission, to try to get people to enlighten themselves about cultural diversity, but every little bit helps, in our route to ending violence though enlightenment!

Let's end the growing violence! Let's take the time to gain an understanding of those we think we hate!

This mission is perfectly in line with the "Good thoughts, Good word, Good deeds" espoused as the mantra and moral compass of the Zoroastrian faith we promote,